Testing season is in full swing. These are stressful times. We hope students remember all they’ve learned, that they read the questions carefully, and that they answer completely. We cross our fingers and hope we don’t encounter any technological glitches. Once the tests are finished, there is the long wait for results. I was reflecting on all of this when I glanced upon a letter I keep in my office.

Among the photos of my children, post-it note reminders, and office supplies, is a framed letter from a former student. It reminds me why I teach & of the far-reaching impact of the work we do. Part of the letter reads:

“I am reaching out to you because out of all my years in school, 2nd grade is my fondest memory. It was one of the more frustrating years I had due to my minimal understanding of the language, but you were patient with me and helped me grow. I realized that this is the kind of impact I want to have on others as well because I do not see a more rewarding feeling than helping someone grow.”

This letter, received so many years after the student left my classroom, was a bolt out of the blue. It is a testament that the work we do day in and day out has an impact beyond what any standardized testing will ever show.


One thought on “Reflection

  1. What a beautiful, thoughtful letter. Teachers don’t receive that recognition of a long-term impact nearly often enough, but it is the thought of what it might be that really keeps us going.


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